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Since 1971 Titus Technological Laboratories has been a Broadcast Industry leader, developing new and innovative designs to answer unique needs. From studio warning lights to automatic audio switchers, audio mixers for air traffic reporters to video remote control systems, TTL responds with solutions.CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE. &home_txt3=LEARN MORE &home_txt4=What we offer &home_txt5=Titus Technological Laboratories manufactures a series of the most popular warning light fixtures for radio and television stations. We are also a leading manufacturer of automatic analog and digital stereo switchers. Also on our product line list is also a series of WEB enabled remote control equipment custom designed light fixtures, custom analog or digital audio switching equipment or branded equipment design and manufacturing services. &home_txt6=LEARN MORE &home_txt7=News %26 Events &home_txt8=5.21.13 | NEW Blade Light Fixture
The demand for a wall mounted broadcast blade light fixture lead to the design of this unique light fixture series.

12.9.13 | 3-DRX Ver 3.27 software released
This version changed the time delay setting for digital switching from 99 seconds to minutes and seconds.

10.18.11 | PDI-626 Released
A six channel audio/data inserter for EAS was announced.

8.10.10 | MDA-8-18 Designed
An 18 channel AES digital audio monitor, the MDA-8-18 has been developed and released.

5.15.10 | MLW-4V Developed
A new MLW-4 with HD video and stereo audio switching capability was been designed and released.

3.30.10 | Latest Advertisement
New ad featuring the MLW-4 appearing in the April (NAB) issue of Radio World Engineering Extra.

3.1.10 | Released NEW WEB SITE
After many years with the original web site we have upgraded ours to what you see here!

2.24.10 | Released revised price list
Updated to include WEB-REM products. The prices for our standard products have not changed.

2.15.10 | MLW-4 Ver 1.10 software released
Latest version fixes bugs in delays and addresses EMI issues.

1.24.10 | WEB REMOTE re-released
The WEB enabled stand alone remote control, WR-300 and WR-400 were re-released in new configurations.

12.14.09 | WEB Server added to MDA-8
The origianl WEB server in the MDA-8 was replaced with a DIGI device server providing a much more powerful WEB interface.

10.9.09 | New Hanging Plexiglas light fixture
A new series of light fixtures was designed and released. The new fixture features wall mounting and high brightness LED illumination.

9.18.09 | 3-DRX Ver 3.25 software released
This version added an immediate switch to Source 2 when no audio is checked, zero time delay, and on Sequence 1.& &home_img1=images/home01.jpg& &home_readmore_title1=About TTL &home_readmore_title2=TTL Services &home_readmore_txt1=Titus Technological Laboratories (TTL) was started in 1971 by Lawrence Titus to answer a need in the industry for resourceful answers to the everyday problems broadcast engineers found. For over twenty years Mr. Titus was involved with broadcast engineering, working as a broadcast engineer at radio and television stations in the United States in addition to running TTL. During the past 35 years, Mr. Titus has devoted full time to TTL. Mr. Titus is an author of many articles on various aspects of broadcast engineering as well as consultant to several major broadcast facilities. In the beginning, most of the products that TTL built were custom designs with simple applications for local radio and television stations. Later, the designs became much more sophisticated and the applications more varied. Although there are many products in the current line, the company philosophy still persists that there is no such thing as NIH (not invented here). If an engineer has a unique requirement in his or her broadcast facility then a solution can be designed and implemented for that engineer. Almost half of the products sold by TTL are custom designs for broadcasting. Such diverse items as billboard display lighting and animation, automatic dialers for weather services and prison escape notification systems, remote control mike switchers, custom audio mixing and routing, unique FM monitoring systems, listening systems for cave guided tours, internet control, nuclear containment robot control systems, marine power monitoring systems, Syndex and non-dupe video transmission equipment, and airplane communications interfacing, have been built by TTL. At its present location in Glastonbury, Connecticut since 1988, Titus Technological Laboratories has been the equipment supplier of preference around the world for major broadcasting facilities such as NBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Star Sports (Singapore), CBS, Unistar/Westwood One, Bloomberg Financial Group, at and t, Greater Media, Radio Berlin (Germany), Taiwan Public Broadcast, PBS, SIRIUS, ABC, and countless radio, television, and satellite stations around the world. In addition to manufacturing equipment for sale to broadcasters, Titus Technological Laboratories also supplies other broadcast equipment manufacturers with parts, designs, branded equipment, and consulting services. & &home_readmore_txt2=Contact us to discuss your specific applications. We have designed and built billboard controllers, prison escape auto dialing systems, transmitter exciter control frequency switching, remote PTZ video camera controls, "wall of monitors" audio silence/video loss and lable panels, ISDN switching, light fixtures for the military, fiber optic opto-isolated AES links, audio distribution panels, turnkey audio switching rack equipment, catv video loss of signal switching, WEB enabled timer relay equipment, WEB enabled logging equipment, WEB enabled transmitter controllers, marine NMEA speed compensation equipment, transmitter site lockout equipment, transmitter and antenna switching equipment, mobile audio mixers for both news vehicles and traffic reporting airplanes, radio station and satellite headend studio designs, "chirp" tone decoders, water purification systems, and many, many more user specified equipment. Custom equipment and "one of a kind" pieces are not a problem.& ///////////// lights //////////// &about_txt1=LIGHT FIXTURES &about_txt2=Elegant and functional light fixtures
The Titus Technological Laboratories Light Fixtures add a touch of elegance to any studio. Uniquely designed for long lasting functionality and durability. The Standard Series light fixture can be customized to fit your studio design scheme. Contact us if you require a totally custom fixture or design. &about_txt3=DETAILS &about_txt4=Designs &about_txt5=Standard On Air Lights (Scroll Down)

OAL SERIES --- Titus Technological Laboratories ON AIR light provides the broadcaster and recording studio with a beautiful but practical means of indicating that a studio is in use. The TTL ON AIR light features a smoked glass window mounted in either a gold or silver frame which is attached to an oak mounting base. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

LPL SERIES --- The LOW PROFILE (LPL) series light fixtures feature a surface mount warning light that is only 1 3/8" deep. This fixture is illuminated with cold cathode florscent lights running at 12 VDC. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

HPL SERIES --- New architectural series of lights complement the stylish accent of the modern studio. This light fixture features an engraved clear plastic piece suspended from an aluminum channel. LED edge lighting makes the lettering stand out, calling attention to the studio function.CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

CUSTOM LIGHT FIXTURES --- Titus Technological Laboratories can design and construct custom light fixtures to suit your needs.Virtually any size up to a full size billboard or any color combination can be specified, designed, and built. Contact us with your design for a quote.CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.& &about_img1=images/about01.jpg& &about_readmore_title1=Light Fixture Details &about_readmore_txt1=The standard Titus Technological Laboratories Light Fixtures (OAL Series) mount to a wall using two toggle bolts or to a standard electrical work box. The hole spacing inside of the wood base is such that the wiring from the light fixture can be routed throught the back of the base Two other holes align with the "outlet" mounting tabs inside of the work box which is recessed into the wall. The Low Profile Light Fixtures (LPL Series) mount flush to a wall using two toggle bolts or to a standard electrical work box. These fixtures feature a magnet on the rear of the light which lays against a provided steel plate. The hole spacing on the steel plate is such that the wiring from the light fixture can be routed throught the back of the base Two other holes align with the "outlet" mounting tabs inside of the work box which is recessed into the wall. The BPL series of light fixtures are the latest in Blade type of double sided light fixture mounted to the wall. The Hanging Plexiglas Light Fixtures (HPL Series) mount flush to a wall using two toggle bolts or to a standard electrical work box. These fixtures feature a magnet on the rear of the light which lays against a provided steel plate. The hole spacing on the steel plate is such that the wiring from the light fixture can be routed throught the back of the base Two other holes align with the "outlet" mounting tabs inside of the work box which is recessed into the wall. Power for the OAL Series is usually 24 VAC/VDC (12 VDC if the optional LEDs are requested). Power for the LPL and HPL Series is 12 VDC. Low voltage wiring with an appropriate gauge for the amperage is all that is needed for these fixtures.& ///////////// switchers //////////// &services_txt1=Analog and Digital Switchers &services_txt2=Automatic switching between analog or digital sources.
When a source becomes unreliable or missing it should be switched out of the signal path and replaced with a good source. We offer many different ways to switch between analog sources, analog and digital (AES) sources, and digital (AES) sources. &services_txt3=READ MORE &services_txt4=Automatic Switchers &services_txt5=(Scroll Down)

MLW-2 This is a unique dual automatic analog switcher. Three stereo inputs can be sensed for loss of channel or loss of signal. When the primary source is missing the output is switched to the source with audio. If a channel is missing the MLW-2 will switch the active channel into both outputs. A secondary audio switcher switches between an external input or the primary sources. This is the perfect switcher for a combined AM/FM station.

MLW-4 This unit has eight analog inputs. These inputs can be treated as eight mono sources, four stereo sources, or a combination of both. The unit has 4 possible automatic "sequence" modes which allow automatic switching to the source that has audio under various conditions. Programmable switching to and recovery from input error conditions along with dual stereo outputs make this an indespensable tool in a broadcaster's air chain. The unit can be monitored and controlled via the internet as well.

3-DRX This is a three input AES/HD digital and analog switching unit. The AES-3 serial digital output is switched between either of two AES-3 serial digital inputs or an analog input that is digitized and converted to AES-3 serial digital. The 3-DRX also meets the requirements of AES-3ID digital audio switching for HD television stations.

MDA-8 A unique 6 input AES-3 serial input, 2 analog audio input monitor/switcher that contains simultanious source monitoring for loss of signal or signal degredation. More than just a simple monitor with two analog outputs and one AES-3 serial digital output, this unit provides metering of the sources as well as front panel headphone monitoring of the sources. The unit also contains it's own web server for remote monitoring and switching between sources.& &services_txt6=Data Sheets &services_txt7=The followins is a list of our standard switching products and links to their respective data sheets.

%bb MLW-2 Analog Switcher

%bb MLW-4 Analog Switcher

%bb 3-DRX Digital/Analog switcher

%bb MDA-8 Multisource Digital/Analog monitor& &services_img1=images/services01.jpg& &services_readmore_title1=Source switching &services_readmore_txt1=Our analog switchers (MLW-2, MLW-4) use active crosspoint switching to switch between sources. Source audio for each input channel is sent to it's own silence sensor and the results are then processed by the embedded microcontroller to determine what action to take. Outputs are active balanced and can drive a 600 Ohm load. Where appropriate, cross-fading between sources is used to minimize audible popping. Our AES-3 serial digital switcher (3-DRX) uses a "deserializer" to convert the input AES-3 serial data stream into it's component values. That data is then sent to a multiple input crosspoint switching scheme that switches the components or the component output of the analog ADC converter to the AES-3 serializer. The audio on the data stream from souce 1 or souce 2 is fed to their own silence sensors and then to the embedded microcontroller to determine what action to take. Audio is never switched in the analog domain minimizing noise. The MDA-8 uses deserializers on the 6 digital inputs feeding DACs to create an analog audio switcher. At this level, all of the 8 inputs (6 digital and 2 analog) are in the same domain. Silence sensing is performed on the inputs and the embedded microcontroller determines which source is defective and will trigger silence sense relays as an indication. The analog output is then run to both a balanced analog output and an ADC to an AES-3 serializer creating both an analog output and an AES-3 output from the unit. Metering and headphone monitoring is also available on the front panel.& ///////////// whats new //////////// &solutions_txt1=The latest from TTL &solutions_txt2="BLADE" Plexiglas Light Fixture

BPL Series New Wall Mounted BLADE light fixtures - ON AIR or RECORDING or custom lettering, custom colors, logos.
& &solutions_txt3=Broadcast solutions &solutions_txt4= &solutions_txt5=READ MORE &solutions_txt6=Idea solutions &solutions_txt7=
CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE.& &solutions_img1=images/solutions01.jpg& &solutions_readmore_title1=Custom Equipment &solutions_readmore_txt1=Titus Technological Laboratories has long made custom equipment for many different requirements. From custom designed switchers, monitors, remote control systems to many widely varied light fixtures used by the broadcast, telecommunications, and government facilities around the world.& ///////////// where to buy //////////// &partners_txt1=Distributors &partners_txt2=North and South America - Europe

Radio Systems, Inc.
Logan Township, NJ 856-467-8000 Contact Radio Systems

Broadcasters General Store
Ocala, Fl 1-352-622-7700 Contact BGS

Harris Broadcast Equipment
Mason, OH 1-800-622-0022 Contact Harris

Broadcast Supply Worldwide
Tacoma, WA 1-800-426-8434 Contact BSW

Markertek Video Supply
Saugerties, NY 1-800-522-2025 Contact Markertek

S.C.M.S. Broadcast Equipment
Pineville, NC 1-800-438-6040 Contact S.C.M.S.

RF Specialties Dealers
Contact RF Specialties

Grand Prairie TX (800) 433-2105 Contact PROAUDIO

Broadcast Depot Corp.
Miami, Fl 33166 - USA 877-90-BDNOW (23669) Contact Broadcast Depot

Lightner Electronics, Inc.
Claysburg, PA 16625 1-866-239-3888 Contact Lightner Electronicst

Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA 204 775-4467 Contact Oakwood Broadcast

HB Communications
North Haven, CT (800) 243-4414 Contact HB Communications

Pippin Technical
Saskatoon, SK, CANADA1-888-508-4677 Contact Pippin


Broadcast Warehouse
Croydon, UK +44 208 2530280Broadcast Warehouse


Digital Media Technology

Hong Kong
Unit A, 9th Floor, Great Wall Factory Building, No. 11 Cheung Shun Street, Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2721-0343 Fax: (852) 2366-6883 Direct Line: 3525-9399

Beijing Room 1512, D-Building, SOHO New Town, No.88 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100022 China (8610) 8580-6317

Taipei 3F-3, No. 172 Chang Chun Road Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. (886.2) 2516-4318
Contact Digital Media Technology


United Broadcast and Media Solutions
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (+971-4) 282-7171United Broadcast and Media Solutions &partners_txt3=The bottom line &partners_txt4=Contact Titus Technological Laboratories or our distributors for current pricing, options, and custom equipment and light fixtures.

&partners_txt5=PRICES &partners_img1=images/partners01.jpg& &partners_readmore_title1=List Prices &partners_readmore_txt1=SWITCHERS
MLW-4 $2,100.00
3-DRX $1,250.00
MDA-8 $2,400.00
MLW-2 $2,100.00

WR-300 $315.00
WR-400 $375.00

OAL Series $185.00
LPL Series $215.00
HPL Series $185.00
& ///////////// contact us //////////// &contacts_txt1=Contact us &contacts_txt2=Titus Technological Laboratories
77 Kreiger Ln, Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
Telephone: +1 800 806-8851
Fax: +1 860 633-8244
E-mail: sales1@tituslabs.com &contacts_txt3= &contacts_txt4= &contacts_txt5= &contacts_txt6=CLEAR &contacts_txt7=SEND &contacts_img1=images/contacts01.jpg& &file_prelouder=1&